MOTORVATE>> is here to help you!!!

Services we can offer you

At MOTORVATE>> we understand people have different needs and budgets and we work around you. From weekly lessons to Intensive Courses we will help you with your every need and with lessons starting at just


We can provide all types of lessons for yourself or a gift for a friend / family member. A great surprise presents for Birthdays, Christmas ect..

Pick up from work, colege, home and drop of at another location not a problem. We'll work round your busy lifestyles

You are the most important person in your driving career and we pride ourselves on understanding that everyone is different so we will work with you every step of the way.

What length of lesson is right for me?

Mock Test Lessons - These lessons are the same length of a driving test and a great to test yourself. Ideal for people on the run up to a test.

Hour Lessons - The basic lesson lenght in which people will have time to learn a new subject and practice.

Hour and Half Lessons - Need a little more time to practice? These lessons are great when you want to spend that little bit extra time on something.

Two Hour Lessons - Our double lesson scheme is our most popular and really does get you test standard in less than half the time.

Block Bookings -  Want more than one lesson a week? No problem, we can tailour your lessons around your lifestyle. Weekends, Early mornings or late evenings.

Motorway Lessons - Passed your test but you want to learn about the motorways? No problem, we'll even base your lesson around places you may visit via the motorway like work, friends, college ect..

Refresher Lessons - Passed your test years ago and feel nervous? Not drove for a while? Want to get back behind the wheel? At MOTORVATE>> we specialise in boosting your confidence and helping you to ENJOY your driving.

Pass Plus - For those who have just passed and want to stand out from the crowd. Don't just be a driver, get the extra experience you can't get on your lessons without a test at the end! With great discounts on your insurance one completed you'd be silly to not take advantage.

Quick Test - Do you have your test next week? We'll access your driving skills and give you a recomended numbers of hours needed. We'll help you get ready in no time! (conditions apply, MOTORVATE>> will not take anyone to a test who we feel is not of a safe driving standard)

If any of these lessons don't suit you thats fine. Here at MOTORVATE>> we can work round your needs and book lessons that work FOR YOU!!

 What tests do I have to take?

Once you have a provisional licence there are two basic tests you will have to take to get yourself on the road but don't worry the'll be a doddle with the right training.

Theory Test and Practical Test

The theory test was introduced in July 1996 and is taken in specialized centres. The closest to MOTORVATE>> is Manchester, Stockport and Oldham. The test is split into two parts. Multiple Choice questions and the Hazard Perception. 50 questions are set on a touch screen computer and you must get 43 to pass. Some of the questions may have more than one correct answer. You will have 57 minutes to complete this but certain candidates with special needs may have longer. Once this section is completed you will move onto the Hazard Perception. 14 one minute clips will be shown each containing a 'developing hazard' which will cause the driver of the vehicle shown to slow down or change direction, your job is to spot the hazard and points are awarded for the time it takes you to spot them. Be careful as one of the clips contains two hazards. You will need to achieve a score of 44 / 75.

Once the theory test has been passed you will then have two years to pass the Practical Test. This is set on public roads and conducted from test centres all over the country, the closest to MOTORVATE>> being Bredbury and Failsworth but others test centres can be used if these are out of reach. The test lasts for 40 minutes once you have completed an eye sight test and answered two tell me / show me questions. You will be asked to follow directions given from the examiner and also on road signs and will be asked to perform a reversing exercise chosen by the examiner. Any faults will be logged and at the end of the test you will need to have less than 15 minor faults and no serious / dangerous faults.

At MOTORVATE>> we have helped 100's of canditates through these two tests and with the correct training and help you will have no problems



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